Quality awareness in the heart, product quality in the hands
CHAER focuses on the environmental protection of the products, the quality management of incoming materials, processes and finished products, emphasizing on the prevention of quality and process control requirements.
Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
Comply with environmental rules.
Realize environmental protection.
Utilize resources efficiently.
Quality Commitment
Implement ISO9001 quality management system.
Deeply root the idea of quality in everyone's heart.
Continuously improve the level of management and product quality.
Environmental Commitment
Implement RoHS and ISO14001 management system.
Rooting environmental protection in everyone's mind.
Continuously reduce hazardous substances in manufactured products.
Optimizing innovation
CHAER adheres to the combination of introduction and independent innovation, takes the lead in the industry to introduce industrial design concepts, actively carries out ergonomics research, and is committed to creating the optimal product process structure and realizing the best safety protection.
Precision manufacturing
From mold to material processing, from parts to finished product assembly. Each process, each quality control point, can be fully automated, systematized, refined operations, and has a strict process quality control.
With 50 sets of advanced fully automatic punching and roll forming production equipment and more than 10 sets of height punching machines.
With several fully automatic surface plating processing lines.
Rigorous testing
We has invested heavily in purchasing high-end precision instruments at home and abroad to set up a new type of laboratory within the enterprise.
For each key process, a monitoring and testing center has been set up to strengthen the testing of key parameters of the products and to enhance the monitoring of the quality operation behavior.
Process Inspection
Raw Material Inspection: T2 Standard
Production Process : Inspection
After production: finished product inspection, appearance inspection
Salt Spray Test
Temperature Rise Test
Torque Test
Warehouse Management
Warehouse is an important link in the supply chain, CHAER in order to better play the function of the warehouse on the deployment of materials, standardize the material management procedures of the warehouse, to provide customers with professional logistics services.
Quality Policy
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