Stuck to the good - Connected to the usual Electrical installation is that simple!
We believe that even the most imaginative products and solutions need to be supported by visionary customers. Whether you need product technology, safety, or ancillary facilities, we can provide more detailed solutions and quick responses.
Application Sectors
Electric power
Household appliances
Railroad transportation
Chemical industry
Automobile Manufacturing
Fully automated production equipment and processing lines
We have 50 sets of advanced fully-automatic stamping and roll forming production equipment and more than 10 sets of height stamping presses, as well as several fully-automatic surface plating processing lines. Whether it's a small order or a large customized quantity, we can meet your needs.
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Careful, meticulous, attentive, Quality will always be competent!
Since becoming a member of CHAER 's R&D team, I have witnessed and experienced CHAER's innovations in image, product, technology, management and marketing.
Optimizing innovation:
Create an enterprise-oriented, industry-academia-research combination model, and actively carry out ergonomics research to realize sustainable development.
Precision manufacturing:
Each process, each quality control point, fully automated assembly line, process specialization.
Rigorous testing:
Huge sums of money have been spent on high-end precision instruments at home and abroad, and a new type of laboratory has been set up within the enterprise.
Warehouse Management:
Standardize the material management procedures of the warehouse and provide professional logistics services to our customers.
Advantages of customized products
99.9% copper content.
After pickling, tin-plating and other surface technology treatment. Appearance of pure color, high quality.
Molding wall thickness plate width, dimensional accuracy is accurate. Good strength after tensile test, salt spray test and temperature rise test.
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When it comes to environmental protection, we've thought of everything for you
Safe and environmentally friendly guide rail, does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers and other toxic substances, in line with the EU Rohs standard, conducive to human health and environmental protection.
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CHAER's Fulfillment Services - Delivering Great Benefits
Unlock your growth opportunities
with new channel access, easy and cost-effective new product introductions and more sales options.
Supporting a wide range of supply chain solutions in
partnership with fulfillment specialists with over 20 years of sales and R&D experience and a unique market position.
Increase efficiency and streamline your supply chain by
reducing shipments and existing inventory and increasing your ability to meet supply chain challenges.
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