Service is more important than anything else - CHAER has your back covered
With our world-class product quality, operational excellence and supply chain expertise, simplified fulfillment solutions can be designed to expand your sales options, improve your customer service and save you time so you can focus on growing your business.
Speak In Numbers
24-hour online customer service, immediate response
Delivery time 15-45 days
One year warranty
How our fulfillment services work
We'll work together to design a solution that meets your goals. We then act as your invisible supply chain partner, seamlessly handling every step of fulfillment for you.
Consultation and Planning Services
We will consult with you to understand your customization needs as well as your cost budget, and carry out overall planning and execution.
Prototyping Services
CHAER understands the importance of realizing connector designs quickly and accurately.
Our prototyping services are designed to help you visualize and validate your concepts before they are put into volume production, saving you time and money during the development process.
Development Services
Our team of experienced engineers and designers are dedicated to bringing your connector concepts to life, developing innovative solutions that fit your specific needs. From initial concept sketches to detailed design plans, we guide you every step of the way.
As OEM/ODM specialists, we have the expertise and flexibility to customize electrical connection and mounting products to unique specifications.
Whether it's modifying an existing design or creating an entirely new product, we have the ability to provide a customized solution that meets your high quality requirements.
Sample service details you may care about:
Product categories for which samples are available?
Copper terminals (cable glands), busbars, rails, terminal blocks
What is the starting quantity of samples?
1-2pcs is free, more than 10 dollars need to charge sample fee.
What is the delivery time and the approximate time for receiving the samples?
For regular products:1-2 days
For customized products about one week
Do you have a new project?